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The 58th Session of International Astronautical Congress (IAC)

September 24-28, 2007
Hyderabad, India

A possible way of exchanging follow-up data

Tim Flohrer, Thomas Schildknecht, Reto Musci
Astronomical Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland



  • International observation campaigns and collaborations
    • Characterization of artificial space objects in high altitudes (some with high ratio of area-to-mass)
    • Newly detected objects from surveys (ESASDT)
    • Follow-up shortly after the initial discovery
    • Sensors availability constraints
    • Visibility constraints
    • Weather conditions
    • Catalogue maintenance + data exchange
  • Follow-up observation = pre-scheduled, intentional observations of previously discovered objects
  • Follow-up request = message to a sensor allowing the acquistion of follow-up observations
  • Need for the establishment of near-realtime, guaranteed, controlled, and save exchange of follow-up requests between collaborating entities
  • Exchange of raw observations or determined orbits on request

Use cases, acting entities

  • Goals
    • Improvement of existing and potential ad-hoc collaborations
    • Benefits for all partners
    • Data exchange at any time
  • Users
    • Assisted planning and scheduling of follow-up observations
    • Submit to observation pool, feedback on data quality
    • Submit requests to follow-up pool
    • Receive observations (and orbits) from pool
    • Statistics on contributions to pools
    • Optional “remote requests only” mode (externally provided observation schedule)
  • Coordinator
    • Monitoring gathered follow-up requests
    • Maintain pools
    • NB: Pools physically exist at agreed installations
    • NB: Coordinator role is alternated between the users
  • Some analogy to IAU MPC or ILRS or...

Architecture of exchange server user-related and coordinator-related

Exchange server
  • Demon-like instance
  • Dedicated host
  • Secure interface
  • Provides access to pools
  • Only authorized entities

Proposed command set

  • User-related:
    • Send_obs object_ID, observation_data
    • Select_obs [time period],[object_IDs],[sensor_IDs] the server shall answer with the list of observations
    • Require_orb object_IDs, the server shall answer with the required set of orbital elements and quality information
    • Require_stat sensor_ID
    • List_fup [time period],[fup_ID] the server shall answer with the list of follow-up requests
    • Accept_fup // Deny_fup [fup_ID]
    • Require_fup object [time period],[priority],[sensor_ID]
  • Coordinator-related:
    • Insert_obs//Delete_obs//Enable_obs//Disable_obs obs_IDs
    • Insert_fup//Delete_fup//Enable_fup//Disable_fup [fup_ID]
    • Send_msg “text” [sensor_IDs]

7 октября 2007
Доклад публикуется с разрешения авторов

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